Lainfile is a simple file uploading website, written from scratch in Rust using Iron and Redis. It has some cool unique features, and it's cyb as fuck.

The source code is available at gitla.in/installgen2/flup, it's pretty shit but I'll improve it soon. All the technical details of the software is available there too.


If you're a cheeky cunt I'll just add a new rule just so you know...

Depending on the severity, breaking a rule may result in me reporting your IP and other information to the respective authorities.

tl;dr pedos watch out for partyvan :-DDDDdd


If you have found a file in violation of Lainfile's Rules (this includes phishing, malware, etc), please email me at abuse@lainfile.pw, and I will try to remove it and get back to you as soon as possible.

A full list of removed files and their reasons will be available on /deletion_log. Please note I will only delete files if they are in violation of Lainfile's rules, which must also abide by my domain registar, and hosting provider's rules.


I made a tool called lainup for uploading and stuff, just run npm install -g lainup, and lainup help.

All regular Pomf tools should work, as Lainfile entirely replicates their API. Just configure the API endpoint to be https://lainfile.pw, Lainfile even accepts requests to /upload.php, if your stupid tool looks for it.

Private files uploaded before 2017-01-25

lesderid of fuwafuwa.moe now hosts lainfile. This means that private files uploaded before 2017-01-25 aren't available anymore, due to privacy reasons. If you still need one of those files, email gen2@kek.club.